Optra Risk stands at the forefront of brokerage services of operational and transactional risk insurance. We are adept at navigating intricate financial landscapes to provide tailored insurance solutions and has proven track record in advising clients on risk mitigation strategies, negotiating complex policies, and delivering exceptional service. Skilled in understanding client needs, analyzing market trends, and building robust relationships with underwriters to ensure optimal coverage and protection. The team is dedicated to exceeding client expectations and driving positive outcomes in high-stakes transactions.

The team brings a wealth of knowledge from diverse backgrounds in finance, insurance, and risk management, enabling us to navigate the complexities of operational insurance with unmatched precision and insight.

Our seasoned professionals are adept at crafting customized insurance solutions that address the unique risks and challenges our clients face. 

With a deep understanding of both the local and global insurance markets, we ensure that our clients receive the most comprehensive and effective coverage available. Our team has supported buyers and sellers with transactional insurances in numerous transactions and is recognized as one of the market leaders in the Nordics within this segment.

We aim to become the preferred insurance broker within our expertise, creating a professional atmosphere that attracts both clients and employees who value expert advice and brokerage services.

Our team's commitment extends beyond securing policies. We believe in building lasting relationships with our clients, grounded in trust and mutual respect. Through open communication and dedicated service, we aim to become not just your broker, but a trusted advisor who is an integral part of your risk management strategy.

Optra Risk deliver next level risk mitigation.